Since the beginning of 2023, ETA has been empowering traders with financial freedom, consistently achieving remarkable success. In an ongoing commitment to provide traders with a secure, comfortable, and cutting-edge experience, our experts have enhanced the platform. This ensures that traders can confidently leverage their freedom to trade efficiently, guided by our thoroughly analyzed market breakdowns and signals. Trading encompasses various aspects, including chart analysis, trend comprehension, understanding fundamentals, and more. Join us now to commence earning or investing in your capital. Whether you’re seeking an additional or primary stream of income, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination!


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Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals, who are all experts in their field ranging from the stock market to the foreign exchange market and the growing world of technology! Essentially, we’ve worked hard so you don’t have to! With many years of experience in various industries, they have the expertise to provide comprehensive, first-rate guidance and advice! Below are our core points of contact.

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REFUND POLICY – If, within two weeks of diligently adhering to our trading ideas, you do not achieve profitability, you have the option to request a full refund after the initial 10 days.

Michael Henry

CEO (Trader)

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Answers to Common Trading Questions.

Here at ETA, we specialize in 2 entities of trading; Forex & Stock options. Our clients have the option and ability to choose which platform they prefer to earn and learn from, whether you are a novice or expert in both, or either of the two entities.
Foreign exchange, or forex, traders speculate on changing exchange rates by converting large sums of money from currency to currency, much like stock traders buy and sell different stocks. Forex traders essentially attempt to buy low and sell high for a profit, but the asset they are trading is currency.
Instead of trading stocks, which is one share, we are trading options. An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy (in the case of a call) or sell (in the case of a put) the underlying asset at a specific price on or before a certain date. The options contract is equivalent to 100 shares of a stock but you are trading them at a discounted price. This could lead to potential gains or losses, so enter at your own risk.

Within ETA Network Discord/Chat, we will live trade with you through voice and/or webinars. On a
typical day we will take 1-2 trades. You will be provided with details on how we go about our trades and
HOW TO follow our signals successfully. Also providing pre-market analysis, and more! In addition to
solely entering into a trade, You will also have the option to know why you’re entering it.

When it comes to investing/stock/options apps, Robinhood is usually the popular option with beginners
because its UI is simple and easy to navigate, however you can use WeBull, ThinkOrSwim (TD
Ameritrade), Lightspeed or even E-Trade to start! For the Forex traders, we recommend using the simple
and user friendly platform “MT4 or MT5”. We provide breakdown videos in our group for those who
may need help setting up their account. It is important to use google to know which brokerage may
work best in your country!

With our strategy provided, and how we trade the market, one should start expecting dewable profits in as little as 5-10 minutes upon properly following our directions and signals issued. The key is to listen, read or follow instructions attentively throughout each sessions with our professional team members
Discord is a group-chatting platform originally built for gamers, that has since become a general use platform for may kinds of communities.
Yes! We are proud to boast a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee! So if you use our services and decide within 7 days of your purchase that it is not for you, we are happy to give you a refund with no exceptions!